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Notch - "Nuttin No Go So" (Letra)

"Nuttin No Go So"

Notch - nuttin no go so
… => nuttin no go so
From yuh neva lie wid annada man inna bed…
and yuh neva sex a gal when she unda code red…
and yuh neva build yuh shoulda muscle wid yuh third leg…
no gal neva kiss yuh mouth aft' she done give yuh head…
Well inna bed whe man and woman shoulda hug and caress
so fyah bun de people whe deh wid the same sex
no matter how yuh horny and no matter how yuh des'
no gal nuh fee use yuh cackie as no “b/cotex”
[much less fi have yuh tun fi check yuh hand fi get a pix
dem only shoulda bupup when yuh afi tek a pis]
an you no wan no gal fi come an kiss yuh pun yuh lips
afta she tongue dida deh below your hips
No yuh neva sell your friend fi save yuhself from di feds…
and wha yuh buss nah full a rat it full a coppa and lead…
[no boy neva mek ya skirf whe you rest yuh head…]
and dem neva force yuh fi join no gang and pledge…
Well from yuh neva inform, mek no price pun yuh head,
yuh friend dem nah vex wid yuh and want yuh ded
yuh nah waste out yuh chance fi paint di town red,
cause when yuh buss it up, a fi mek babylon fled
yuh have yuh owna mind and you nah quick fi follow fred,
fi go wear a color kerchief and tie up yuh head
yuh guard fi yuh yard cause a deh so you wid dead
and dem cyan' run yuh from whe yuh born and bred
You a born ganja man and yuh a no coke head…
yuh never buy a bag a sercy and take a long spread…
and yuh nuh smoke weed fi joke, a fi get all yuh med…
and uh respect rasta livety yuh nah dis no dread
tell dem salasie i know!
Well from yuh neva put no cocaine inna yuh cigarette,
before, you woulda prefer smoke 10 pound ‘o ses
and when yuh tek a baga weed yuh naffi second guess
whether if a bush tea or ganja leaf or something less
you smoke it fi a purpose and u smoke it through yuh breast
fi penetrate and meditate and leviate the stress
[] remedy fi year and it no have no contest
mi wouldn't mek yuh transgress or disrespect
Yuh punanny hole nuh bigger than a basin keg…
and yuh nuh shape crooky like the alphabet letter “zed” (z)…
dem nuh call yuh no pigeon, nor no chicken head…
and dee man yuh deh wit him nah beat yuh like egg…
Yuh no stay like some gal whe run dem own red
yuh naffi fo no taebo nor join jenny craig
di pikni at yuh yard yuh keep dem well fed
yuh neva go ova dorothy and beg piece a bread
yuh man buy yuh close and you nuh give di man head
and you no have [no white turnippy no] boyfriend
and you no nyam no fowl pill fi fat like a hen
cause yuh inna beauty no man cyan condemn
Yuh man a born ganja man and him a no coke head…
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